TV Storage Tips

TV Storage TipsThe best case scenario for storing a TV is to place it back in the original packaging, surrounded by styrofoam and all, and store it sitting upright. This ideal case, however, is the most unlikely for most people. The following are tips for storing your TV if you don’t have the original packaging.

First things first, you’ll want at least a temperature controlled self storage unit, although ideally you’d store the TV in a climate controlled unit, for a few reasons: (1) electronics are especially sensitive to moisture, the levels of which change with temperature and humidity; (2) extreme temperature changes can cause the thin hardware components of the TV to warp, affecting the screen, circuitry, and even basic functionality. So it is imperative that you first ensure you’ll store your TV in the optimal environment.

Per packaging, most Infinite Self Storage locations carry television-specific boxes. Older, boxed TVs could fit in a regular moving box, but you’ll want to make sure you store your flat screen in a TV specific box as these are specifically designed to ensure maximum protection for flat screens. Before placing your TV in the appropriate box, you’ll want to wrap it in a dust cover to protect it from any accumulating dust and to protect your screen from scratches. The dust cover also will allow some more separation between the box and the television screen. You can use a blanket for this task, but you’ll want to ensure no hard materials, like zippers, make contact with the screen.

As an added measure of protection, visit your local electronics store to pick up some desiccant pouches. These are the pouches of silica beads you find in typical electronic packaging. They absorb moisture to create an extra dry environment and an added layer of protection against shifting humidity levels. Lastly, remove any detachable cables and stand from the television. Store it upright, with separation from other items to allow for airflow.

Following these tips should ensure optimal storage conditions for your TV. Please stop by an Infinite Storage location should you have any questions and our storage professional will make sure you have everything you need!

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